The skin grip is something I never thought I would get and it blew my mind at how comfortable it is. Seriouly I’ve been gaming better with my Ps4 controller since its so easy and quick to press the buttons. The grip just feels natural and meant to be. 

Mauricio Salazar

I’ve gotten several PS4 controller covers and I’ve had an issue with all of them. They would interfere with the access to several of the buttons. This one fits the controller perfectly and does NOT interfere. I love that about it. The material is smooth and allows comfort while holding the controller. The material is smooth and allows comfort while holding the controller. The package also comes with 8 joystick covers, all separate styles.

Remsha Yasin

My hand was cramping a bit after some circuits in Mario Kart. This cover has helped a lot. It provides a much more comfortable grip.


I was skeptical at first but this is more comfortable than the joy con gel grip, it has a bigger, thicker contour grip and also it’s more convenient for me since I don’t dock my Switch and rarely remove the joy cons, get it if you have big hands and have the USB C extension cable and play stand,especially if you don’t like removing the joy cons.


This controller  grip is amazing!! I would give it 6 stars if I could. It fits my Xbox One X controller perfectly. It looks great and feels like a controller should feel when holding it. The comments regarding the RB and LB buttons are wrong, in my opinion. It covers these buttons just fine.

Rafael Marquez

It fits PERFECTLY and FEELS SOFT! this is very comfortable ! Its NOT loose at all and fits directly and perfectly over the charging port on the top of the controller! I dont know why other people complained that it did not fit over the charging port unless this skin is only made for the FIRST GEN Xbox One only. Not the One S or X ! I highly recommend!



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